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Paul Landergan Voiceover

...let me be The Voice of your Vision...

Paul Landergan
Voice artist
british male



Paul Landergan...
...British presenter...
...voiceover artist...
...audiobook narrator...

  • Experienced Voice Talent

  • Trained studio engineer

  • Versatile, flexible, fast, efficient

  • Serving clients worldwide

  • Industry standard voice studio

  • Video studio with teleprompt

2024 New Headshot copy.jpg


I'm Paul, a British voice artist and presenter, with over 40 years' experience in spoken word recording...

...I’m also an accomplished audio and video editor...
...I can provide any audio file format required, and...

...master recordings to industry standards, e.g. ACX for Audiobooks.


My vocal style has been variously described as warm, friendly, authoritative, calm and reassuring. My playing age is 40+

My experience dates back to the early 1970’s when I trained as an engineer in a West-London voice studio, recording on ¼" tape and editing with razor blades, (ahh, the joys of analogue!) 

I've engineered and produced sessions ranging from radio ads to film soundtracks, airline in-flight announcements to corporate presentations, a monthly medical digest for doctors and even, (as a diversion from voiceover,) an album of classical favourites and jazz standards performed on solo banjo!

My career path has brought me through audio and video editing, directing and producing. 

I gradually transitioned to “the other side of the glass”, from control room to voice booth,
to use my own voice for projects.  I also offer in-vision presenting.

I regularly narrate audiobooks and other long-form projects, but I'm always looking to turn my hand and voice to other areas...

My U.S.P...

(what makes me so special?)

A number of factors including the advent of computer-based recording, the availability of affordable, high quality audio equipment and increased working from home, driven by recent global events, have revolutionised the voiceover industry.  


Whether its radio or TV commercials, web programmes or a wide range of other applications, around 65% of voice recordings that you hear today are made in home studios.  The days of clients needing to hire a studio, an engineer and a voice director as well as the vocal talent, are a dim and distant memory. 

.....But technology hasn't replaced the need for those skills, (and can't!)

Performing, directing and engineering are discrete, individual talents, and they are just as necessary today as they ever were.  During my career, I’ve been a studio engineer and a voice director as well as a voice artist and presenter. I bring all of these skills together in a way that makes me at least unusual, if not completely unique, in the industry today.

..."So?"...  you say, "...that's all very well, but how does it benefit me...?"

With expertise in Voice, Directing, Editing and Media Management, I can provide a one-stop voice recording and production facility, bringing you the benefits of:

  • Time saving...
     ...I provide recording, editing and mastering,
    under one roof...

  • Cost saving... 
    ...You're paying one person, not three (or more)...

  • Sound Quality... 
    ...It's a home studio, but it's broadcast quality...

  • The correct format, no matter what... 
    ...I manage media at large scale, you need 200+
    8 bit WAV files at 22,050 Hz, today? - no problem.

  • Increased productivity... 
    ...You get the results you need, faster...

  • Reduced stress... 
    ...Due to all of the above...



I'm happy to work on projects of any size or style,
but I particularly specialise in longer form recordings, such as:

Paul Landergan - Audiobook Narrator


Paul Landergan - Corporate Narrator


Paul Landergan - Explainer Narrator


Paul Landergan - Narrator

Spiritual, Meditative

BW vitality_edited.jpg

Medical & Scientific

(these buttons link to examples on my Soundcloud page..)

Audio wave
Narrative Reel
Dramatic Reel BOTTOM copy.png
Animation BOTTOM copy.png
Voice Reels

Voice Reels...

Here are some examples of my work...

Narrative reel
00:00 / 01:37
Commercial Reel
00:00 / 02:03
Dramatic Reel
Animation Reel
00:00 / 02:30
Dramatic Reel
00:00 / 01:30
Animation TOP copy.png
Character Reel
00:00 / 00:50
Medical & Scientific Reel
00:00 / 03:17

Not sure yet?

I'm always happy to record a short demo for your project,
just click the button below
, message me and let me know what you need....

Character TOP TRANS.png


...I also present to camera, here's an example... view some of the other work I've done for Bezla, just click below to go to my                 page...

Paul Landergan - Presenter


I've narrated audiobooks on subjects ranging from self-help to science fantasy, from political science to parables for children, biblical battles to medical conspiracy.  
Here are a few samples...

A Secretary’s JournalWritten by E.C.
00:00 / 04:15
AnarchyWritten by Errico Malatesta
00:00 / 04:49
ClosureWritten by Louise Braithwaite
00:00 / 04:48
Dangerous SecretsWritten by H. Kreuger
00:00 / 02:13
JudaismWritten by Israel Abrahams
00:00 / 04:49
Panic Attacks? - Stop Being Afraid!Written by Alan Branch
00:00 / 04:05
The Famous ThreeWritten by David Playle
00:00 / 04:42
The Drama of FluorineWritten by Leo Spira
00:00 / 04:43
The JourneyWritten by Heath Williams
00:00 / 04:43
The Hidden WorldWritten by T.J. Roswell
00:00 / 04:28
The Right to be LazyWritten by Paul Lafargue
00:00 / 05:00
Twisted FateWritten by Michael D'Ambrosio
00:00 / 04:52

...and a few kind words from some of the Authors I've narrated for...

"…voice and your professionalism, unmatched   in my experience with narrators…  …look   forward to working with you on my many other   projects…"

Wayne Reed

 Divine Timing: Living In The Flow

"… really pleased with the narration,
just how I'd hoped it would sound…

...perfect - nothing I'd change!"

Louise Braithwaite

Closure: Short Stories

"… heartfelt gratitude for the love and compassion infused into this book…
…Your talent truly shines, and it's evident that you are the perfect person for the job."

Fredlyne Evbuomwan

Whispers of Wisdom: Soulful Creatures

"… really appreciative of the work…

…the job you’ve done is fantastic…"

David Playle

The Famous Three - The Saving of Kaylah



Serhat Çakmak,

“...Paul did an exceptional job on our project, we are looking forward to a long term working relationship...” 

...that relationship now

encompasses over
130 episodes...

Steve Fonseca,


“...It was a pleasure to work with Paul.  He read greatly and advised on interpreting sections of the medical-biographical-historical book..."

00:00 / 01:09

Daniel P,

FV Éditions

"Paul is very professional and he did a great job...

...His voice is superb and the recording was made very quickly..."

Peter Lander,

Pathfinder Events

"Very professional voice over talent. Was happy to re-work ... the voice overs to make them exactly right."


...a few of the clients I've been honoured to work with...

Authors Republic_alt.png
Plot Documentrary.png
Internationsl Red Cross.png
Mind Therapy.png
Eleventh hour.png
FV Éditions.png

For the technically minded...

My studio has a custom-built voice booth, equipped with a Focusrite Scarlett audio interface.

My microphone inventory includes large diaphragm condenser mics by Sontronics and AKG for voiceover work, and a Rode lavalier for to-camera recording.  

I record and edit using Avid Pro Tools (my go-to DAW,) or Adobe Audition, (for some audiobook projects.) 

I use Audacity for checking files are ACX compliant, (and ONLY for checking ACX compliance.)
As standard, I record at 48KHz in 24 bit WAV format, though this can be varied if required to meet clients' specific needs.  I can provide files to any format specified, edited or unedited (though I normally record "Punch & Roll" so editing is minimal,) either raw or mastered to clients' individual requirements.  Basically, I'll do whatever you ask for.

Typical file types include:

  • .WAV (Waveform Audio - the most common studio standard)

  • .AIFF (Mainly used by Apple owners)

Both of the above are UNCOMPRESSED formats, normally used in the production process. 

The following are COMPRESSED consumer formats:​

  • .MP3 (The most widespread consumer format - ubiquitous)

  • .M4A (The Apple alternative to MP3 - widely used and almost everyone can play)

  • .AAC  (The standard format for Apple devices - not widely used elsewhere)

  • .WMA (Windows Media Audio, also not widely used)

If you don't see the format you require listed, ask - I can almost certainly provide it!

Paul Landergan Sontronics STC20
Paul Landergan AKG P120 Condenser Microphone
DAW - Pro Tools
Sontronics Studio Microphones copy.png
Paul Landergan, Facilities
Paul Landergan, Facilities
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